The Model

The Teacher Liaison

The Teacher Liaison (TL) is a classroom teacher with at least 2 years of teaching experience who is seeking to create a wider impact within their school. They are interested in professional development in order to lead a team of their colleagues (The Impact Team). The TL and the school’s administrator will identify a school-specific need, and with the support of a TST Coach, will establish the vision and goals for their Impact Team. The TL should be a solutions-oriented problem solver with a growth mindset. They will work over the course of the year to address the identified need and foster a staff culture of empowerment, commitment, trust and collective responsibility.  

The Impact Team

A team of at least 4 full-time school faculty will enact lasting change for students and their school. Led by the TL, this team will meet twice a month to address a need within within their school. (e.g. teacher mentorship, grade-level or department instructional alignment, climate/culture initiatives, teacher-led professional development etc). Through utilizing the TST Project Cycle, and data-driven practices, the Impact Team will work to collectively help meet school-wide improvement goals.

The Commitment

Teachers Supporting Teachers:

  • Will provide fall leadership training event for the Teacher Liaison (TL) to meet coach and begin team development
  • Will provide weekly tailored, virtual coaching sessions for the TL to guide development of the Impact Team
  • Will facilitate ongoing progress monitoring
  • Will provide ongoing roundtable events for TLs to collaborate with their coaches

Teacher Liaison:

  • Identify an area of focus in conjunction with a school administrator
  • Build an Impact Team of at least 4 other faculty members
  • Will engage in virtual coaching session 3X per month with their TST Coach
  • Work to build culture of trust, empowerment, commitment and collective responsibility amongst staff leading to teacher retention
  • Will collect data 2X per year to determine effectiveness of Impact Team
  • Will attend all TST Training and Roundtable Events (*mandatory dates below)

Sponsoring Administrator:

  • Will work with Teacher Liaison (TL) to identify an area of focus based on school-wide goals
  • Will give Impact Team time and space to meet 2X per month
  • Will meet with TL at least 5X per year to maintain alignment between Impact Team and school-wide goals
  • Will allow TST to visit and observe Impact Team 2X per year
  • Will provide TL with $1000 stipend ($500/per semester)*


Application Process

April 8th- Application Opens

May 31st– Application Closes

June 3rd– School’s Announced


SY1920 Calendar of Dates

August 28th- Fall Kickoff

November 20th- Round Table 

March 4th- Round Table

May 14th- Closing Celebrations