The Goal

Create a space for teacher leaders to plan actionable, student-centered, change in their schools.

The Program


This program is designed to foster, develop and connect teacher leaders across Chicago. At Teachers Supporting Teachers we believe that experienced teachers are often not given the recognition and celebration they deserve. We seek to change this narrative. It is our belief that by fostering elite teacher leaders within schools, they will be motivated, prepared and equipped to properly mentor and develop younger teachers. This will result in an overall increase in teacher retention rates to the benefit of schools, students, their families and the neighborhoods of Chicago.

Our Impact

12 events

20 speakers

130 schools

390 teachers

“I found it to be one of the few times in which I walked away from a professional development feeling like it was time well spent; the speaker was engaging and the network of people I was able to connect with made it a Saturday worth waking up early for.”
“I am SO EXCITED for this program; it was the best Professional Development I’ve ever been to, and after a few short hours I left feeling really encouraged to continue pushing my students to become critical thinkers and tackle difficult, real world problems.”

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