The Assertion: Every student, no matter their zipcode, deserves an excellent teacher.

The Problem:

Teachers are the #1 factor in student achievement, yet experienced, excellent teachers are leaving our urban schools at alarming rates

Schools only retain 50% of teachers within their first five years, negatively affecting student outcomes. Furthermore, teachers are 50% more likely to leave urban environments, predominantly serving students of color.  These staggering attrition rates cost us over $7 billion annually.

The Need:

We must create lasting capacity in our schools by building systems that empower these excellent teachers

Teachers with under 10 years of experience now make up 45% of the overall teaching force. Less than 40% were encouraged to remain teaching at their school. A staggering 92% of teachers wish there were more opportunities to further their careers and professional skills while continuing to impact students.

The Theory of Change

The Vision:

We foresee a future in which all schools are filled with excellent, empowered teachers.  We believe that teacher leaders possess the answers to challenges their schools face and hold the keys to creating a school-wide culture of learning.  We envision a city in which the best people are empowered to continue serving in our most under resourced communities.