Support: We are deeply investing in teachers to lead change within their schools.


We seek to create lasting capacity in our schools by empowering excellent, experienced educators who are committed to driving equitable outcomes for students


This fellowship program supports traditionally underserved schools as they build distributed leadership structures. We offer robust professional development and coaching to a new teacher leader as they work to create a wider impact within their school. With the regular support of their TST Coach and their school administrator, the teacher is able to lead an “Impact Team,” of their colleagues to create lasting change for students.

Our application cycle for SY22-23 is now closed.

The Model



The Teacher Leader is an excellent classroom teacher with at least 2 years of teaching experience who is ready to create a wider impact. They are energized to create that impact within their school, and build lasting staff capacity for their school community. In collaboration with their administrator & TST Coach, they will lead an Impact Team of their colleagues to drive student outcomes and foster a culture of empowerment, commitment, trust and collective responsibility.