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SEO Basics
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SEO Basics

SEO on TST is set by the Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast makes SEO very easy to manage as a whole. This plugin reformats and sets default values for various Meta Data fields that correspond to SEO.

On each Page or Post, you can set the SEO values for that page or post at the bottom of the edit screen:


Use the icons on the left to navigate to other settings including Robots and Facebook Meta.

Robots are important settings for pages that you do not want robots indexing. This page for example has noindex and nofollow, which prevent robots from scanning the page or following links on the page. The rest of this is more advanced and requires additional research into it’s use.

Titles and Metas

The formats of the Titles and Meta fields can be edited by using the SEO -> Titles & Metas link


The fields here are those available to the Post Type. The Videos and Commentaries section is a Custom Post Type.


This section is related to the template and will determine how the titelbar will look and if you want to include sliders on the page. For more information, see Appearance -> Theme Options from the Admin panel about the styling of these elements.


Backing up the Site

The site is automatically backed up daily and is set to keep 30 backups. The settings for the backup system can be accessed through the Admin Panel and going to Settings -> UpDraftplus Backups.