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EDworking: A TST Virtual Happy Hour

A Chat with Chief Chavarria

Wednesday, Nov 11th
4PM- 5PM, Zoom

Bring Authenticity to 2020


Join us for a conversation with Dr. Sherly Chavarria, the new Chief of Teaching and Learning for Chicago Public Schools. In this hour we will learn more about bringing our authentic selves to our work in 2020. In a year that is demanding more from our schools and educators, it is critical that we make space for identity, relationships and community in our virtual classrooms and in our leadership. We will have the opportunity to not only hear more about her journey but also the values that drive our district’s instructional decisions.



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Dr. Sherly Chavarria

As the district’s new Chief of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Sherly Chavarria is responsible for moving us closer to achieving educational equity, through rigorous academic instruction. Prior to this role, Dr. Chavarria served as the Deputy Chief of the Office of Teaching and Learning, where she was the driving force behind the district’s Curriculum Equity Initiative.

Prior to joining the district office, Dr. Chavarria served as the principal for William P. Nixon Elementary School and spent her tenure building trust throughout her school community while developing a shared instructional vision, strengthening community relations and activities, and improving the school’s operational functioning.

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