The Goal

Build teacher leaders to enact lasting change within their schools by providing them leadership training to develop solutions 

Our Model

The Program

We believe that impactful, sustainable change for any school needs to come from within. Therefore, we work directly with nominated Teacher Leaders to help them tackle an issue that they have identified in their school. We provide this Teacher Leader with one-on-one weekly leadership coaching. We help the teacher address their chosen issue, but also provide them with the skills needed to continue engaging in Teacher Leadership throughout their career. We train each Teacher Leader to lead an Impact Team consisting of a group of their colleagues. Through our support, they work to address their chosen issue and foster a staff culture of empowerment, commitment, trust and collective responsibility.

Our Impact



In 2018-2019 we are impacting over 12,000 students, 83% of whom live below the poverty line


  In 2017-2018 90% of teachers who worked with TST stayed in urban education


In a school with less than a 50% retention rate, 8/9 teachers who worked with TST returned the following year


100% of surveyed principals said that TST is helping build a culture of teacher leadership in their building


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